Thursday, November 20, 2008

Look ma, no flash

Audio using embeds. Pretty neat. I'm pretty sure you can use object tags too.

What i wonder is why is it that people like to spend so much time doing something that:

  1. can be done much easier and better in flash
  2. will be supported by a completely different native API in HTML 5


  1. Because flash adds an additional layer of complexity to the solution.

    If it can be done without flash, it should be done without flash. Flash is non-standard. It requires an additional development environment, knowledge of another language, etc.

    Just like in the physical world, the fewer moving parts there are in a system, the less things there are to break, and therefore support.


  2. I wonder about that. The overwhelming majority of sites that have audio components seem to use flash, so I think flash is perhaps the k.i.s.s. approach.

    One important thing to consider is that, despite flash's occasional wonkiness, there are far more resources around the web about the flash audio API than there are about tested reliable cross-browser javascript-based audio code.