Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first impressions of Clojure

I was playing with Clojure last night, it looks like a pretty interesting platform, since it has tight integration with the JVM, and seems to have solid native collections.

My first negative impression about the whole lisp thing was that it seems that pretty much everyone that does it recommends emacs or vi or an maybe eclipse plugin and that other editors get no love. I installed emacs only to find out that that the shortcut for undo is bizarre (ctrl+x, then u, or alternatively, ctrl+shift+-). I'm not sure how similar vi is to vim, but I find vim hard to use as well. Eclipse was something a friend of mine suggested, but that turned out to be too slow for my taste. So I'm trying it with good ol' notepad++. Is fighting with editor shortcuts and/or indentation supposed to make me more productive? Bla.

My second negative impression was Clojure's documentation. Almost nothing in the docs has usage examples. The stuff that does is not very easy to understand either. What's a #^{}? What's "k v & more"? What's a valid attr-map for defmacro? Double bla.

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