Saturday, February 28, 2009

a little neat thing about git gui

I just learned about this neat feature in git GUI.

When you click on filenames, you can see the diffs on the right side on the window. Nothing new here.

The neat thing is that instead of clicking on the icon beside a file to stage all the changes in it, we can click on the file to see its diff, and then right-click on a particular diff line and choose "stage hunk for commit". There's also one for single lines of changes. What that feature does is it lets you commit only parts of the file, which is great for .NET Web.config files and for those times when you only want to commit the one character fix and not the 100 lines where you merely changed indentation.

Conversely, you can stage the whole file; then, right-clicking on a change on the diff panel will show "unstake hunk from commit", which means that change won't be committed.

For the keyboard people, the command line version of that is git add -p.

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