Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rails drama

So there was this presentation in a conference that was sorta inappropriate and some people that got offended, and a then things sorta derailed a bit (no pun intended).

On the comments of a rant post, the presenter rethorically asked what is it that makes IT less friendly to women. He says:

"Try asking young teenage girls why they don’t want to become software developers. Again I’d be surprised if they say, because of the macho environment."

Well, so would I. We can't just ask people to explain out what they feel is a cultural issues. On the off chance that they are actually able to explain out in words what the root of the phenomenon is, there's still the chance that people involved in that culture won't agree with the conclusion that there is a problem to begin with.

On a somewhat related topic, I never really understood why is it that some people feel compelled to associate software with this idea of "end of a journey": being a rock star, being a ninja, whatever. You don't see rock stars calling themselves "ninjas". Does being a real life programmer suck so much that we need to pretend to be something else? Where's the focus? Where's the pride?

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