Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On learning how to code, or whose life is it anyways?

So this drama started by Jeff Atwood about whether people should learn how to code or not still hasn't died.

The trigger for his post seems to be that some mayor somewhere ought to be spending his time doing mayor work and not learning things that don't necessarily help w/ his day job.

The thing is, even if he gets paid by tax payers to do his job, it doesn't mean he must do it at all times of the day. Lots of coders go home after work to learn about things like photography or martial arts. And not because they are actually trying to get photos published in a magazine, or actually going into real combat.

Some are advocating everyone should learn how to code, but that's a bit like saying everyone should learn English or Mandarin under the logic that it opens up a whole lot of business opportunities because of the whole global economy thing. Sure, there are many things that are probably worth pursuing if we had infinite time, but since we don't, just let people pursue whatever the heck they want to.

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