Monday, July 14, 2008

Something to ponder: what's your face worth

This came to me while I was writing a website proposal, in light that I meet a ton of people that seem to think that a custom-made website / web app will somehow cost in the range of the hundreds:

If your ass is worth $500, how much is your face worth?

What I mean is: a decent office chair goes for around $500. A website is basically your face to the world.

You wouldn't want to have your 2-year old toddler to shave your face for you, so why would anyone want to save money on their website by hiring a web development newbie who charges $200 for a complex site, claiming to provide a Web 2.0 experience and a CMS and SEO an all the rest of the buzzwords?

Can people really be so gullible that they somehow believe they found the website development deal of the century? Often, from the very first consultation from a friend of the aunt of the girlfriend that just happens to know a bit about programming? Come on, people!

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