Thursday, July 3, 2008

XML or not XML?

If you haven't already, go read Jeff Atwood complaining about XML and Dare Obasanjo defending it.

Did anyone notice that there are a whole lot of DSLs being mentioned? JSON, CSS, XPath, XQuery...

I suppose in the end Paul Graham was right on the ball when he said a choice of language will depend on the amount of code that will be needed to complete the task at hand.

On the one hand, having a ton of tools can make things easier for you, but on the other, is the code really terse if you're developing all of that XML processing code in Java? Or does a mix of Yaml and Ruby produce results faster and more concisely?

A start-up might feel that Yaml is terser, but what if integrating with a gigantic Java code-base is a requirement of the project?

Do you ever get tired of reading and reading arguments and counter-arguments only to come to the same old conclusion that your choice of tools depend on your requirements? :)

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