Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thoughts on economy and trends

I read this article about young generation and workplace expectations. I think that the trend of over-self-confidence and loss of loyalty is very risky for youth and a sign that they lacks experience. Older workers like job security for a reason: they have bills to pay, children to feed, retirement to worry about.

Let's step back for a minute and think: what if companies do adapt to the mentality that it's companies that need to adapt to the idea of workers with no loyalty?

What if everyone really decides that being their own boss and starting their own business is the way to go?

Here's what I think would happen: new entrepreneurs will almost always start a digital business because it's simply cheaper to crack Photoshop / DreamWeaver / Maya / whatever, than it is to renovate a rented business place (or do any physical world business-related task, for that matter).

Japan is just like that: there's an over-saturation of entertainment-related products, and a ton of people working freelance with virtually no job security and without the leverage of a brand to make a start-up work in the over-saturated entertainment market.

I do see a key difference though in mentalities: in Japan, an artist is a sensei (a master), whereas here, an artist will starve to death. Instead, here, everyone and their dogs make me-too web 2.0 applications and libraries - "computer science" sounds powerful, doesn't it?

Science? yeah, whatever.

Sciences are things that are proven with time - new fads that could potentially maybe perhaps make you rich (if virality works for you) are not science, nor a viable business plan nor a way to get job security that you *will* want sooner or later.

It's kinda weird that now, all the old-school obvious stuff that grandparents used to mumble (you know, saving money, hard work, etc) are all back in the table now. It's probably weirder that these things weren't being taken seriously by a lot of people up until now.

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